How To Design a Website On WordPress And Html?

WordPress and Html are the most common sources used by web developers to design websites for themselves or the clients they are dealing with. Both the sources have their pros and cons, and it depends on you what kind of website you need. Besides this, it is important what sort of basic knowledge you have about websites. Let’s dive into […]

How to Design a Website? {Tips & tricks)

There is a bunch of content available on How to Design a Website? But, most of the content is subjective, meaning is according to what a person likes. One person likes a particular thing in website design, and others do not. But, here is the thing, the content in this article is research-based. Stay with us to know about how […]

Frank Theme

Why is Frank a good or useful theme for a WordPress site? Loads very fast Simple to work No pointless codes or CSS to make smaller or remove here. Many people with sites on WordPress claim it becomes slow and themes being made wrong is big reason for this problem so the idea behind Frank was to fix this problem […]

Tablepress Plugin

Why are tables still used on websites so often still even in modern times well the style of them can allow someone to be able to show data or products very easy for why do many ecommerce companies use Tables in them to draw in customers or make selling easier than simply 1000 word article giving you all about the […]