Spotify info

Introduction a lot of people use it to listen to music without paying often or some pay for monthly members the idea behind it was to allow all people to listen to music for free through the generation of money by the firm through Ads on the site or app but it could not be done in regards to record […]

Biggest problems of the Filipinos

Immature  Small minded Love to make up excuses Give up so fast Not accountable in the Filipinos A lot of people whether young or old will often act like children this includes both the Pinoys and Pinays alike in like 99.99% of the population overall. The standard in the Filipinos is to have no idea of adult things this includes […]

Why Conservative in the UK well mocked in the UK now

Very weak leadership No strong or good leadership anymore Lack of  professional or gentleman or lady values shown now Boris Johnson has the following flaws overall which are big ones A good prime minister or political leader should have strong leadership for example such as like Winston Churchill or like Marget Thatcher compare either of these to the weak or […]

Why Labour so weak now in the UK?

The leader is such a weak or wimpy man in a normal world someone like the leader guy gets sacked for being a useless man overall leader or labour wise for why even the pro of Labourfan boys are swishing to Conservative when under Bumble man does not make them look good at all to me. Ever Tony Blair or […]

Why most Boomer Chairpersons suck?

Most got the job without having skills or real experience Got the job of parent or relative   Never had to pass an interview often The only person who applied In moderday all younger people than the baby boomer need often following to get a job most of the time Years of experience Degree or more often Very well connected Famous […]

Website fairwell

My own SEO site ranks for over 500 keywords so I suspect my guest post I give OP would have made him some money . I also recommend this guy to at least 20 other people on Facebook groups or to people on Telegram so I guess I am pretty sure I made Juan more than $100 by a large […]

Why I would not recommend Thetechnologydoctors ?

In normal cases how all businesses work except this group you make a purchase then you get a good or service I have 13 years experiencing running businesses so I can say the idea of buying a product and receiving the product in real life or online is not a hard to understand a concept for this firm I found […]

Why not to trust Trustpilot?

Around 70% of the reviews are fake You can buy fake reviews on Facebook groups or Fiverr or other sites as shown here I am not showing this to discredit this person or others who do this but to show you can get fake reviews so easy and the firm from Danmark will do nothing to remove fake revies […]