Why are Filipinos most immature people alive?

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Introduction the self made problems they all made 24/7 more less



How to fix this problem?

Final thoughts

Introduction into the Self made problems they all make 24/7 more less

Most Filipinos believe everyone owes them money if you have light skin or born in the West you could be homeless  but according to the Filipino that is not true we all live in Utopia society where we have no problems or never suffer as such Filipino belief all people have money for them 24/7 such as Filipino beg online all the time or follow about foreigners begging money heard many times of Filipinos do that to anyone such as Spanish,Americans,British,Germans,French or anyone else with the light skin they have all the money in the world for a Filipino. https://www.getrealphilippines.com/2015/03/why-i-think-filipinos-are-immature/

Average Pinoy cause a mess such as crash the car then blame everyone else for it's the Indians or Americans or someone else fault this is a common practice done by all Filipinos  are never held accountable for anything worse than even the most hardcore feminist in most cases.




Super immature
love making up excuses
To emotional
Being fake people all the time to try and look cool.

People need to do what everyone else has to group it's always not someone else fault for  the mistakes you make for example if you to lazy to do the jump or you fake being sick to get out of work maybe real grown do the job or quit the job instead of making life into a nightmare with many of you all the time.

When employing Filipinos some common excuses I heard or being told by others include these

My gran parents died this went up to 6 of them within one month unless the Pinay got the worst luck in the world seems like she lying over this

My broadband down in Manila. Hi I am in Manila the internet is not down anywhere in the area so what you talking so the Filipino got sacked for telling lies or making up excuses.

I need a degree for why I can't do the job even oo it says no where I need someone to have degree

Just crying both men and women like children if something goes wrong such as I met men who burst out crying like proper children even at like age 40 still mind of a child has seen this happen many times.

Fake being Europeans,Asians or anyone else to try and sound cool or important or get money seem them do this many times such as I was on Facebook this Pinay claiming she was part of Scottish clan then she could not prove so she was again being fake like most of them love doing.

For example I am a Catholic but I am single mother you can't be both read the bible and stop faking being a Catholic.

I am gay and Catholic again that is against the bibles rules if you want to Catholic then be a real one not a fake one.

I am a Muslim but I always eat bacon but I pure Muslim read the book it does not say you allowed to eat meat from pig anywhere .

Hope one day the Filipinos will growup and stop acting like children you live in the country with world lowest costs can buy homes for tiny money then you wreak life so hard Growth up Filipinos!


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