Ghana land of the world dumbest scammers

My First thoughts 

I thought would be nice or pleasant people you know over this obsessed to always thanks or please I thought maybe the country full of amazing people you know like the amazing people from Nigeria,Philippines, India among many more countries in the world.

Whenever chat starts begging for money such as to pay for the following

  1. Education
  2. A business that does not exist
  3. General costs
  4. Phone top ups
  5. Internet access
Make being polite or mature by saying Thank you or Please which often makes no sense but I suspect connected to them being from  one of the dumbest countries in the world as proved here.

Setup two or more fake profiles to try and fool people as people from not a high IQ country this will not work for you well then they fake being Scottish,Russian or other countries people often  I noticed I guess to try and sound cool but maybe wrong here.

Seem to never understand how words are used right so they spend all the time trying to talk expect others to know what you talking about if someone seeing a horse call it a horse not say that  a Python or something else stupid here makes no sense.

Only  person spoke to Ghana which at least was honest  Ghanian man told he a scammer at least he made sense to me telling me that.

I wished this 29-year-old from Ghana a Merry Christmas so according to her now I owe her money like everyone else we have never met before or spoken in any real way just scammers from Ghana here

Only Ghanian people seems to think everyone owes them money I am not sure if this for all Europeans or Africans or Asians or just Europeans but that was what I found all the time  not even start a chat just get straight to begging some would keep up the fake niceness for like 2 weeks but most jump into begging for money like a child this includes anyone from aged 18 to 100 in country Ghanian full of beggers which is not good way to represent African people in anyway.

Pretend to be a sister who more attractive then like hi bro it's me real me like okay cool you a liar and scammer again.

People often ask me to say what  I think about people so here I am nothing good to say since all of them are dumb,immature  and selfish and greedy and lazy for most of them or all I had contact with plus a lot of them see themselves oddly as superior to others which made me laugh as well. Don't give whatapp number they use it to run scams or give your number to others scammers then fake being your friend.


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