Future of all are strong empowered Western women?

Key areas of the problems?

No friends

No family

No money

Home alone

 In the normal case of the past it was common practice by women to have local friends from the local school,area they live or work friends sometimes.

Most of you now have developed a hate towards all men and women a like giving most of you not real social circles anymore since most of you now belief you are better than all people alive mostly caused by your extreme hate towards all men which mostly includes all European or African men in a  lot of cases this can result in you having big ego problem or extreme hate towards all other people .

Think about this would you want a friend who is always in a bad mood and always rude? I think for most people be a big no but for most of you it's all about me me all the time meaning someone actually having to spend time with often loud mouth always got problems often self made is no fun for anyone long term or short term a like this means for many people it's best to leave you alone from friendship or dating viewpoint . https://www.webverden.com/2023/05/why-are-kenyan-women-world-most-boring.html

Shows animated woman looking like catwoman

In the past like 50 years ago it was common practice by women to have kids often between aged 18 to early 20 this meant you would all have kids often young in most cases meaning you would have family as you got older to  help you with things like doing jobs on your home or car or drive you to the  hospitals if the need comes now with most of you having none of that in place that means all down to you which as you get older normally resulting in worse health I doubt you will be able to do it yourself easy meaning all down  to the strong empowered woman to safe the day when most, of you are not able fix basic electric problem or plumbing or building problem seems unlikely for many of you to do that resulting if you having to pay professional which will normally be your biggest enemy the man. When you married right this problem would not exist for you like what your parents or gran parents managed to do without problems so easy.

Many of you buy pointless things with no resell values form examples include


Fashion Clothing



A lot of things many of you waste money only have value from the moment before you buy it once you buy it's basically worthless to resell for example if you spend $5000 on makeup and use it now you have nothing of value left.

Fashions change very fast meaning something you paid big money for example $100,000 once it's popularity gone now you got just clothing worth say at most $1000 often so be aware clothing only valuable if someone really wants it and clothing ranges or fashion change very fast meaning buying clothing to look cool or shoes often gone instant .

Holidays only give you short term fun not long term .

Many of you spend all day faking things on Social media such as Instagram where you fake having famous holidays that will not bring you real long term happiness just fake attention over your fake lifestyle so be aware fakeness is not real happiness. 

Women are normally social people which meaning you having no company when you get older except cats will not bring you much happiness when all your friends  you mocked for getting married or having kids now are very happy and living better when you get older will make many of you feel horrible so if you are aged 30 women or younger stop the feminist rubbish maybe of you belief or end up the Cat woman from the Simpsons for the majority of you will keep as you keep falling this dumb Utopia idea.


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