Why are Kenyan Women the world most boring people?

 Kenya itself is the MGTOW capital of Africa so  why is that happening to much compared to all other African countries as a whole?

IT's like speaking to a robot which has no personality at all or not able to say really anything interesting at all a good example from one today.

She told me she has business so I said"what is your business " nothing rude or weird here a standard question anyone else could  answer without problem but instead she got weird or stupid with me and told me this"This feels like an interrogation lo" now is what she said funny or normally it's like I am speaking to giant asshole so  I said"why" now the give me again rude or silly reply back of this"oo many questions," I asked three questions I get asked more questions most days of the week than three. Secret of mana 

Lets imagine you were dating this woman or her friend would it not get annoying if everything being offensive to her or her having no people skills and also how could you do anything together such as go to the beach,bank,restaurant,holiday when you can't speak without her getting offended  would that not make you leave her pretty quick.

Kenyan woman wearing like traditional wearing clothing such as like headband here

Let's be fair say the man is fully with her for sex I think even if that was it the sexual attraction would it not get kind of boring being around someone always trying to cause trouble or make things unpleasant? 

I think this would apply to most people around the world.

I had met plenty of amazing Kenyan men they had none of the wrong problems overall they always dated non Kenyan women in my experiences such as from Nigeria,Ghana or other countries because these places have decent women unlike Kenya.

I found it weird if you say like this"How are you " they always never ask you again kind of rude or being immature or annoying. https://www.webverden.com/2023/02/kevin-samuel-facebook-group-without.html

I also found it bit funny reading of some profiles this sort of messages" You better show me respect or you get blocked" okay let's give this a little bit of thought I am thinking of dating or chatting but now you told me you will block me for anything okay great all my attraction gone forget her find someone else. https://selar.co/c3r1

I did in the past get told by Kenyan men  this about the women which makes perfect sense to me"The reason  I don't date or have sex with Kenyan women they so annoying to be around they are like anti fun all the time " me "weird "  but that shows what I found of them all perfectly .

I decided to restart my research into this topic but as I saw before the same is true most are unpleasant to chat to about anything often big-headed such as one was claiming all men who use Automatic messages are dumb which is kind of weird when you consider how many who are dumb according to her made millions of dollars from this kind of automation but she's the smart one even oo these men have done way better than she will ever do.

Trying to chat to one about anything is like trying to talk to brickwall for most of the time they seem to lack idea how to talk about anything such as one got rude towards me over me asking how it was possible for someone to be young as a doctor which to me is not rude it question to ask if you don't want to answer then don't answer but giving disrespect to me explain loud and clear why Kenya woman will go like Western women and keep being avoided by any men  the boring things they all do or say is pretty weird. Here article from Kenyan talking about it if you want to hear more about this topic. https://kenyatalk.com/t/mgtow-in-the-kenyan-context/200049/28?page=2


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