Kevin Samuel Facebook group without the Godfather?

 One thing which has always confused me as non African American is why most of the people spend most of the time fighting for example a guy posted this weird comment so I tried to help me then he got bit cheeky with here is what he said to me I was in Clubhouse with 50 Latino and Caribbean okay which does not really tell much since Latino does not mean any exact person or ethnic group so as whole it's silly word to use and he complained that South African American woman or Centre will not marry them over the Single mothers most of them come from as a community.

African American woman overweight

Okay well, I am afraid that is their fault for creating no one else fault so then I suggested by his comment he wanted one which seemed to me the reality of what he wanted so  I suggested do to that then it went no where so I left the chat.

I think in general this group without KS will never be greater or United since you have in this community so much fighting or problems between men vs women which everyone knows about women making videos slagging of the men in the community which is wrong true but it does wreak the reputation of the decent men in this community but also it does not really help I think the community of the African American acting like they invented  foreign girlfriends or wives or bragging about which as none seems to me little bit silly and immature if you like foreign women then great do it no need to brag like someone still in high school but since so many of them do  this all the time it known world wide for the men doing it one thing I don't think many from this community understand a lot of countries or community really hate their community for example Asia most of them hate all Dark skin men for why I don't know but that's the reality.

Next many of them pretend all day they are African even more less all of them never being and probably never will go there but they always play the role of the victims for why to me Black community and Feminist seem group more less for both needing to play the role of the victim this is also why most native African people find most from America like the pity,immature,spoiled but makeout there life so much harder than people who can't get food or water easy which is also why so many Africans who go to America avoid this for example heard from the following African people so far





Now you can stay not all maybe but this is the reputation they have it will not change unless they maybe focussed on doing more useful things  with their life than fighting against their women or men all the time.

For example why do they always post images of obese women node to shame the women  I find a bit pity also why does everyone need to see this if there kink as it seems to be for some men why not just watch porn or look at there photos in private instead of share it with the world .

Next you have so many men in the group pretending to be Alpha which I find a bit funny when you consider if someone is one you don't brag about it you are just one which makes me laugh so many seem obsessed to prove this about themselves all the time when no one in the outside world cares about this idea except them to the extreme levels they take it too 

They also post often raise or abuse  towards Europeans often in their posts which okay if you are racism maybe keep it private but now they share it loud and proudly now let look into the death of the Godfather .

Who went out to give him abuse as soon as it happened ? African American which included both men and women which I found pretty sad the people who came to his support for most were mostly non African Americans so if that's the case why disrespect his name but post shit all the time?

Now if you are African American man and you refuse to date or marry women in your community then do what makes you happy but don't think by doing this you are now like a superhero or better than all other people as many of you show all the time this does not really impress any important people or provide value to really anyone all this makes it look like you are still in high school .

Also African American normally men  seem to think he was one of them that was true but I think in general whether people like it or not she was more acting like a European man with mix of African in him for how he acts or presented himself he shown class all the time in the style of European man normally older cool man which I can respect he was Image master so that was part of talent base but either way he was trying to help the African American community but everyone for example when I watched past videos more less all his worst people men and women were from his own community.

I don't believe this community can really be saved here is why to me 

  1. So much hate or fighting going on all the time
  2. Not really any shared history
  3. No real ethnic different link between them all
They hate or fight all the time normally and for the history idea most of them can't prove they were slavery or even connected to so called Slave boats the other 90% are just  faking to fit or for attention and also most of them can't even prove what part of Africa they come from again so no ethnic group they can share being black is not ethnic group it's skin colour so again no real just link in reality between I doubt if we even DNA of them all perfectly we could prove all of them are slaves as many all talk about all the time or also prove they come from part of Africa ,


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