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Kevin Samuel Facebook group without the Godfather?

 One thing which has always confused me as non African American is why most of the people spend most of the time fighting for example a guy posted this weird comment so I tried to help me then he got bit cheeky with here is what he said to me I was in Clubhouse with 50 Latino and Caribbean okay which does not really tell much since Latino does not mean any exact person or ethnic group so as whole it's silly word to use and he complained that South African American woman or Centre will not marry them over the Single mothers most of them come from as a community. Okay well, I am afraid that is their fault for creating no one else fault so then I suggested by his comment he wanted one which seemed to me the reality of what he wanted so  I suggested do to that then it went no where so I left the chat. I think in general this group without KS will never be greater or United since you have in this community so much fighting or problems between men vs women which everyone knows about wome