Introduction a lot of people use it to listen to music without paying often or some pay for monthly members the idea behind it was to allow all people to listen to music for free through the generation of money by the firm through Ads on the site or app but it could not be done in regards to record labels demanding a lot of money and now many of them own shares in the company so for them they love the idea of them since they decide what can be done or who is popular by them overall.

A lot of the starter software from it just copies more less from like Bittorrent that was also why one of the programmers for  the service was the Bittorrent founder the reason for why this was done by that founder wss because he could understand well the ways to make things load fast.

It may seem strange to employ someone from a bad past overall since this guy got sued by the record labels but he could explain to the founder of Spotify how to not sued as they did in the past so having people who could help explain the legal matters in the fair was a good idea.

The reason for why Spotify took off so well is overall they worked well and hard with the Record labels since they basically own the app now for why they control all things going on it more less as such the creator of Spotify will probably be a bit annoyed how little control they have overall things overall.

A lot of musicians complain about the tiny sales they get from it overall like $0.0003 so not enough to even really get like $1000 sales per month overall since record labels keep way to much overall.

In many ways it is run by like Mafia and controlled by the record firms overall and the founder of the firm does not really make much money for why they kept being forced to ask for like investment from banks such as like Golden Sacks which alone is not really a  good sign for a business to keep needing more and more money showing it was not really profitable for the founder but for the others involved was like money house but for the artist not much to made from it overall.

It was also using a high spi A.I software to try and make it find out what music you like once that it does that it will then sell your data to other businesses or people so than the marketing firms can then use the data you give up for basically free or payment as well then resell it for billions to such as like say Facebook or another marketing sort of firms for big money overall.

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