I always found very weird or bit stupid that most African Americans seem obsessed with slavery or always act like children over the past no other group does this or makes it part of there society or way of life .

I also find it very funny all American American people I met or know can’t tell me what part of Africa they came from which to me makes the idea of them as one group a bit stupid  since if they are all in theory connected or related that should mean all come from the same countries or contrys again since none of them  seem to know again to me makes them seem bit flawed for there ideas .

A  lot of African people I met whether born in Britain or another country all told me this about them all them

  1. Obsessed with slavery even oo they were never one themselves
  2. Full of shit often
  3. Cause trouble then blame whites for it happening over racism idea

I was watching Ks video before where this Nigerian Jamaican woman was claiming she was a slave when she was never slave but wanted respect for her doing nothing which in a normal world a woman or man who does this would get seem by a doctor for suffering learning problems for being stupid or full of such shit overall.

I found KS approach to her very logical but I have seen this like most people all the time of them .

I would agree the media or someone in the Black community must keep telling them about slavery since it does not make sense to me since if you look into the real history of slavery only at most 20% of blacks in America were actually connected to slavery in America meaning the other 80% are just saying it to get attention or money overall since the slavery of America from what I could learn was not as many Black claims done by all white people it was only done by a small amount like 5% of the ruling or the elite class of the past so again if that’s true then their bs again makes them look like overgrown children overall

Every man or woman alive is related to a slave or connected to one way or another more less for example Europeans are from things like the Vikings, Turkish, other kings or governments making them into slaves one way or another for example Eastern Europe most of Russia or Ukraine people were like Slaves or called before Serbs but none of them claim they need money and support or attention they just accept it’s part of history like normal people or for example Hispanic I have never once met any Mexican or other Hispanic people who hate Spanish or demand money or respect over slavery they don’t care about it since they are normal people to me.

I feel in the world the community of Blacks in America are like the world most immature people in the world who should as a group grow up and  talk BS about slavery when most of you can’t even name where you were born which is both funny and kind of sad if you are proud African say your tribe or ethnic group if not don’t talk shit all the time to try and make you look cool or important when in reality most of you don’t have high end jobs or do things of importance in life but KS did so why can’t you follow  Kevin Samuel advice make thing big or important things happen in life instead of being someone who loves to complain all the time?

Why African Americans and Feminists are the same people both blame men normally whites for their life or the problems no one ever did to them who are still alive in the majority of cases they both love playing the role of the victims and both seem to support communists as well since feminist and hate white are both similar believe if you think about it enough you can see similarities between both groups here quite a lot overall.

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