The leader is such a weak or wimpy man in a normal world someone like the leader guy gets sacked for being a useless man overall leader or labour wise for why even the pro of Labourfan boys are swishing to Conservative when under Bumble man does not make them look good at all to me.

Ever Tony Blair or the war criminal left Labout all the past or present leaders of the party being stupid or very bad at there jobs overall for why labour power is getting weaker all the time more less and even if you were going to use the idea but some people will still vote for Labout whatever happens true some people are Labour to backbone but even I suspect they will know Labour will probably not win the next General election  unless people who normally vote say Lib Dems decide to pick Labour instead which could happen but not to likely to happen overall since most people who vote Lib Dems is normally done as often like the middle people between both of the two main party meaning it can sometimes boost there ranking but not enough normally sway elections to much overall since lib Dems and labour are both weak together with Conservatives being for most others in the UK only sane party left to vote for overall for why many people now only vote for that party over Labour or anyone else overall but exceptions to all rules do sometimes apply.

Labour current guy lacks confidence when he’s meant to be a Lawyer or Ex one is kind of funny when you think how worried he always seemed to act for why I can’t see him staying as like Labout Leader for too long and I could even see some people when Labour loss election swap to Conservatives possibly going on quite soon but maybe not like all things sometimes we just have to wait and see what happens overall election wise.

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