• Very weak leadership
  • No strong or good leadership anymore
  • Lack of  professional or gentleman or lady values shown now

Boris Johnson has the following flaws overall which are big ones

A good prime minister or political leader should have strong leadership for example such as like Winston Churchill or like Marget Thatcher compare either of these to the weak or coward-like state of Borish? 

Who you would rather Trust if a problem happens Boris or the other two for most people they would pick either Winston since they were both brave and had good leadership skills and were intelligent or tough people .

Boris overall is like the ultimate wimp guts wise for example I would not be surprised if a young kid could force him to do something because he can’t stand up for himself well enough.

The Conservatives used to stand for elegance or being elite or noble or from a rich family or people so the men would normally expect to wear suits or the lady wear formal clothing or show class all the time but compare it to Boris instead he’s like this


No class

Can’t speak right like a bee for how he talks

Tells lies

All the things Boris keeps showing are not the way a Conservative should be and he also acts like a clown often which is why he’s so much looked down on by people in the United Kingdom for people overall and it does not help much when he gets in trouble instead of admitting he’s wrong he lies or tries to cover it up.

I know politicians normally cover things up but the way he does it is not normal since he just keeps on lying and lying and because he lies so much he often forgets what he says so if he gets caught he will try and use another lie which was often being disproved already by someone so he never looks good or even slight smart overall.

The party is meant to stand for class or elite who were the founders members were upper-class but with how Johnson acts it’s now like Booze party and party without even slight class anymore which for hardcore Conservatives makes them want rid of this man but since it used to be placed where only a small amount of drinking was done which for most people is fine or good enough overall not a meet up where every man and woman try to drink their body weight in alcohol every meeting like party game as it’s know this as made more people look down on Boris and I don’t think he should remain party leader but with the current lack of class from this party or Labour or all the other party’s in the UK I don’t really think anyone is better than Boris which is kind of sad but just part of life for now but in general a lot of people serious want rid of Johnson this includes Labour, Lib Dems or all the other party voters for how unprofessional he acts like 24/7 overall.

Boris is known by his family as the family clown which is funny and sad overall but this is why so many people can’t stand him since he always lies and speaks without any class he’s meant to read Peppa pig which is a book meant for children now I guess it must be good when kids read it but for a man who’s like aged 50 reading book meant for children to help him speak better shows he should not be the leader of any party or business or anything else in the world but for now, he’s the best UK got political wise which is kind of sad to me or others in the world.

I suspect Boris will win the attempt by other party members to have him replaced the reasons for why are kind of simple he’s the only leader they have really and all the other members of the party are weak or bad at their jobs too and no real leader exists in the Conservatives at the moment if not he would have been forced out I suspect months ago for all the trouble he keeps causing the party rep or the United Kingdom in general.

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