• Immature 
  • Small minded
  • Love to make up excuses
  • Give up so fast
  • Not accountable in the Filipinos

A lot of people whether young or old will often act like children this includes both the Pinoys and Pinays alike in like 99.99% of the population overall.

The standard in the Filipinos is to have no idea of adult things this includes anything outside of like high school kid should know typical Filipino well have no idea about this includes some things

  • History including Filipino history
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Reality
  • Other countries or other parts of the Philippines often
  • Have no idea Filipino are mixed race not every other Filipino same exact ethnic as other people
  • Often racist for immature reasons

Trying to have adult conversation with one goes nowhere since they know normally nothing about life or the real life.

Many of them even 60 year old Filipinos are more immature than average high school kid by a large amount often.

Filipinos tell a racist story to kids about an Indian man who kills bad Filipino kids for why many people Filipinos are often super racist towards Indians.

Filipinos are often racist to the following people 

  • Indians or Pakistani
  • Chinese
  • All African or people with dark skin
  • Spanish

Filipinos are such shallow people for example if a Filipino gets a pimple this is like the world’s worst experience to them they will get so annoyed or sad or angry like a child often since most Filipinos are super shallow people for example they all care about beauty competitions where normal other adults don’t care about beauty competitions unless they work in fashion but for them, this is like the most important part of life  which is kind of funny when most people except them know beauty competitions are fixed for why Filipinos often win with less attractive women most of the time.

Small minded is because the Filipinos know nothing outside of very small set ideas for example Filipinos tell kids as like childten a Indian man will kill all the bad Pinoys or Pinays so they teach racism to kids for why many of them as adult now really hate  Indians often  for why they may get very cheeky or rude towards for example in the past I had to sack Filipinos for being racist towards my Indian stuff or one of my Pinay friends were giving my Pakistani a load of extreme racist abuse for him being Muslim he sent me some of the emails the woman sent it was full of real hardcore racist abuse she was giving him .

Pinays may seem very sweet or polite but instead, a lot of them often is not this way in reality kind of cheeky or rude or stupid about things often.

If someone claims today in Manila every  White man has 16 inch penis the typical Filipino will believe this idea and not give it second thought over it could be wrong because of the small minded most of them have all the time which can get annoying sometimes.

Many of these people believe they have the world’s hardest lives, in reality, Filipinos have the easiest lives the Philippines has the world lowest costs for example you can easy if you are Filipino get paid like $1 to $2 per hour and live a much better life than most other people in the world since you can easily buy rent or all your other expensive for between $100 to $500 per month compare this to a Western country your rent alone cost you like  £1000 per month that alone is around double the price of the Filipino full expenses with everyone ease added in .

You have websites which only give work to Filipinos which no other nationality in the world I know of will give anyone a job from the country young or old a like no problem the wages they pay are more than the costs of the average Filipinos gets paid so alone that gives them big leg up on all the other people in the world.

The costs of the Pinays so low this alone means they can work for less than all other people so that alone makes them more attractive for lack of costs than other people but Filipino often love to say no on wants me because I am Filipino which is BS overall even if someone hates them for the tiny wage they will work for still get a job, all the same, more less.

Filipinos will often beg and beg for money online or in real life for why the Philippines is known as the land of the homeless if you ever go on say Facebook or Taggec.com you will find them begging for money all the time.

The Philippines love to do nothing but expect everyone else to fix their life because they are to lazy or small minded to do anything themselves and they also believe all white people are so rich or millionaires so if you go to the Philippines be aware they will very likely beg you like crazy for money all the time young and old alike this will do this in the country often.

Let’s say you employ one here are some examples of their usual excuses which they tell 24/7

  1. I can’t work I have no degree
  2. My internet has always broken even oo I just emailed you 
  3. Education is always the problem all the time
  4. It’s always someone else fault for my mistakes
  5. My grand parents always died such as I knew of one who claimed 6 died within 1 month which was BS
  6. Racist against them 

Filipinos love using excuses to get out of doing something they don’t like this can include anything more for example if a Filipino does not want to work rather than admit it you so can move on the Filipinos keeps making up excuses like I am always sick which can last forever if you employ them or until  you have to sack them such one of my friends was working in Manila the Filipino give him this excuse while he worked in the same city or area as him” broadband broken in the whole of the Phlippines” so my friend said I live in Manila it’s not broken and if it was how can you email me?” the Filipino never replied back since they got called out for being immature and lazy together.

When a Filipino has a problem often caused by themselves the Filipino first idea is to give up on the small-minded and immature  that like all 120million of the population  is like for why they are like this if they owe say 20,000 pesos  they just give up and start crying or going out begging for money online or in real life if you say to them a solution to pay it for example this

Become a Virtual Assistant instead of them doing this they start making up excuses and then do nothing except go back to begging which will never stop once the Filipinos start begging nothing stops them if that happens best to just leave of further contact since most of the beggers never stop they just get annoyed and act like overgrown babies at best overall.

All the things in this article are why this country has no successful people in the world more less or no famous people or famous scientists or inventors overall if you can name anyone famous if you are not one I would be pretty surprised since the problems of the Filipinos are all self made which to me is kind of sad overall.

When any Filipinos make a mistakes they never admit it was their fault they always blame something else or someone else when I employed them this was something done by all the men and women alike it was so bad it was the deadly thing with them all such as to get out of work they would always fake being sick or unwell.

A big problem with many of them having the mind of a child is they will never take responsible for the crimes or wrong acts they did or made against anyone for example in China one of my friends was running a factory all the Pinays were instead of working started selling sex in China because that’s illegal or not allowed in China they Filipino staff all had to be sacked and my friend got into trouble by the Chinese Communist Party but the Filipinos when he told them it was wrong or not allowed just made up excuses claiming it was done in the Philippines so allowed all around the world so he had to get 100 of his staff sent home and now he employs just Chinese people instead of in regards to working in his factory since he can’t trust them anymore but this goes back to the small minded which was stated before in this article .

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