Whenever I post an answer quora team like usual act like babies if you speak the truth comment is deleted or banned, for example, I said before I love or like French  people according to them that is hate speech no idea why saying you like someone means you are bad guy or girl.

If you post anything even slightly against America your account gets deleted showing this site is very pro America and hates all other races, for example, they allows  racist or anti Slavic comments from Americans or other people or CCP or Russian bot comments that okay since they pay them I suspect strongly.

They want you to answer questions without them paying you anything for such a busy site they should be able to pay since even AdSense alone would make at least like £30,000 per month or so I suspect or maybe a lot higher I suspect

They pay you like $0.000001 so even getting like $25 sales or wage per month is next to impossible to get overall to me .

Many on the site often ask a child or baby sort of questions like is the UK an island or England to the south of Spain which is both stupid and funny but this seems to be the intelligence of many on this site with only no Americans proving smart or at least average IQ which is quite funny to me and many other people.

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