In normal cases how all businesses work except this group you make a purchase then you get a good or service

I have 13 years experiencing running businesses so I can say the idea of buying a product and receiving the product in real life or online is not a hard to understand a concept for this firm I found it a bit funny the guy is named after the devil’s son so I guess his parents named him right in regards to him acting like the devil son for bad business service

First of all, I thought oo this be great you know customer service seemed good and the product was so just wait for patient of for new internet to come to my house I guess on the 30th of the month nothing was really happening after 2 days except I guess I bought something but not sure if it would turn up with the guy getting more silly as the emails went on he kept demanding and demanding more information which if he is in a job he can find out the details for me which he kept refusing to do it more.

I give him my phone number with the guy refusing to accept the phone number I guess them and then demanding an extra £70 to make up for him being very inconfident.

After the guy got more and more stupid and weird with me I was forced to cancel my order and now maybe get a refund not sure since this group seems very fraud but more I get emails from this group of big wankers for why don’t buy anything from this group spoonheads who can’t understand buy and sell idea makes me wonder if any of the staff went to school at all since English or buy and sell idea seems to be like foreign or unheard of idea Anglo boy needs Indian who they can deliver fantastic customer care or be decent man or woman unless this dope on the rope 

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