I received a cheeky fraud message from someone working for this firm when he tried to scam me thinking he’s a real cool bald guy for some reason I told him no he started getting more stupid and cheeky so I called him out on his BS then rather than being a man admitting he was cammer he just kept playing the role of the town idiot at best.

I contacted the firm behind this nobody expecting someone with little sense or decentness instead received a very cheeky live chat of dumbass from America being coward showing this firm is a strong supporter of fraud and being cowards for why I would not recommend this business for anything and when they support fraud and scams loud and clear as they stop me and run away from the mess they make again not a good way to run a business and why they support fraud no idea but that’s America for you the land of scammers proved by the two fraudsters from this country out of many more

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