I contacted one of my past clients or bosses and told them this.

I have worked for you for a few months and have helped to increase your sales so you know I am good at doing SEO or marketing work as such I am wondering if you would be willing to give me pay raise of 10% to help allow me to have more money to better invest in my career or to allow me to help do my work better for you ? https://bestseocompaniesin.co.uk/

Some of the things I could do with this extra money include  

  1. Higher quality backlinks
  2. Hire a Virtual Assistant so this lady can help tell me when you need me easier to help do things for you or me for you as well
  3. Allow me a better stand of living as well
  4. Means me and you can take are business relationship more serious or go further 

You can now if you wanted have me rank up keywords on Google or Bing or other search engines if you want such as you want us to get you more insurance clients which as you know can get you paid around $200 profit for each client we help you close per year or per month .

We can also if you want offer you a Pay Per Click which would allow us doing promote of your services on Adwords to allow you to get customers faster and also study ways to improve your stay time on your site or make your sales style better on your business as well.

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