For someone who makes out it’s all someone else fault in the case of my group of people you have presented no proof at all so you lose this debate at best sound like an immature child here. The baby boomers have around 80% of the money in the world means they control most of the things next richest group is Generation x then my generation Millennials then Zoomers. My group has around 5% of the money or asset wealth which means it’s basically impossible for my group or people to control things or make everyone sad as you say or suggest strongly here. To be fair you would at best 1 year older than Millennials which means there is very little difference between you and Millennials for lifestyle or choices or things you experience 1 year is not a big difference you could even argue you are a Millennial as well such as lot of people would argue your age group is Millennials since these age groups or name for them are not like set in stone it’s just choose to call or be one if you want or something else. All the things you claim you do which is so important or special I done all of those things two gone skateboarding with friends, snowboarding or met in public or other things all my friends who are my age or older or younger most have done this as well. Another mistake you made is you are again judging everyone wrong or bad with being someone who can’t seem to understand basic logic. I have employed around 100 zoomers they were fine or decent they were not lazy or have no mature level so you are wrong. again.

I feel the reason problem or issue is here with Ken being very immature and thinking he’s perfect when in reality if you watch this video to me this screams at me I know nothing or I am not the sharpest tool in the shed but I want to blame everyone else for the mistakes I make or the mistakes of him or other people .

He also for 42 year old looks like 50 to 60-year-old man meaning for his BS he has not aged well for someone just 42 meaning his life has probably not been good or perfect as he claims since he looks older than my parents who are aged 70 by a large amount.

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