A common business idea that most heard of a few times be this”go woke go broke” to be fair I have seen this happening many times such I believe Billizard losing money over woke ideas since most gamers don’t really care if orc or whatever in the game has both male and female sex parts or if feminist or any other sort of stupid or weird ideas.

Before I formed my own business I went to a job interview here why I got rejected as a shop manager in his own words he told me this”Hi look I would love to give you a job but my company has the policy that we need 20% of each races and people which includes 20 Indians Singh,20 Hindi Indian,20 % Chinese Buddist,20 Jews people,20% women sorry I can’t employ straight white men at the moment”

At the time and still I found it a pretty stupid policy but either way this resulted in I guess ditching all sorts of stupid people or woke people to work within my own SEO agency or programming stuff I do.

One of my German friends makes around $500,000 every year he has no degree and no one generally cares about his education he’s just a really smart man.

I have been coding since I was a child such I can program using older Amigas which I still own a few 500 or 200 ones as such I can if I want to become a programming director or something else for around £200,000 year wage or so I do have a degree by sort of default sort of rule system since I passed my degree including all the other things I did before when I was a shop manager and I found all the tests the university give me super easy so I took degree online while doing my manager job or running my ecommerce business at the time.

Most of my smartest or most successful males and females business wise all refuse to deal with woke people or woke business since most always turn stupid or annoying for example it was around 8 years ago I got offered by an American man $2000 to help rank up their site SEO wise anyway the guy told me in his own words”Paypal is racist against all the African people” still to date no idea where his theory came from so I said”okay we use instead Stripe” then he told”Can’t Stripe hates all the Spanish women” so I said okay I guess no problem I wish you good luck in business but not interested anymore in working with you good bye”

6 months later I heard one of my friends took him over as a client he was just woke or stupid when I met him with him keep trying to prove everything racist for example I have no idea why but I find it funny when my friend copied the message he sent him saying this”Eating Oranges means you are racist towards all Native Americans”

I agree joker with you are saying in general I feel most people should be aware most careers or job for long term people need to be willing to swap careers if the need came such as my first job when I was 15 I was an Anique lifter or seller then I worked in retail, musician,businessman, programmer,SEO, Real Estate, house designing,

For people younger who think being woke is right or cool it’s not it’s just at best a way for people to control you to suit their political agenda to show you going non woke is better here is a good example from me.

I was an in SEO group I was getting bored of an Australian guy being cheeky to this nice Indian guy so I emailed the Australian guy called him”Kangoo fucker” after that he left Facebook Indian guy emailed me then paid me $2000 for a guest posting services SEO wise and told me thanks for sticking up for him I never expected to get paid for telling someone I think he has sex with an animal but whatever extra $2000 nice either way.

A fairly famous guy who acts quite similar to me personality wise like one years 1 years old me is a Russian billionaire he went to USA when the USSR basically just ended so he was very poor when was a kid so never had if you like easy life by any means and he is often you could say rude or cheeky very much someone who calls someone asshole or call someone stupid never being politically correct at all but now he owns like 20 property in say Spain,UK,Canada or other countries such as he as Office in UK,USA,India a big part of his success comes from him just doing what he wants all the time.

I would agree to get a degree nowadays pretty pointless for example Google,Apple,Tesco,Microsoft all said before they don’t care if you have a degree for example 15 year very smart Indian boy works for Google has no degree but either way by the time he reached 18 he will probably be like a millionaire from Google shares or when he starts to get paid real money instead of like child rate for work.

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