Regarding America latest gun shooting

I was kind of surprised this did not happen more in America since overall I have found media or women or others basically always make out all European or white men are bad or terrible so the average white person in the White gets attacked or basically bullied all the time. Over the years I had known people to leave […]

Website fairwell

My own SEO site ranks for over 500 keywords so I suspect my guest post I give OP would have made him some money . I also recommend this guy to at least 20 other people on Facebook groups or to people on Telegram so I guess I am pretty sure I made Juan more than $100 by a large […]

Why I would not recommend Thetechnologydoctors ?

In normal cases how all businesses work except this group you make a purchase then you get a good or service I have 13 years experiencing running businesses so I can say the idea of buying a product and receiving the product in real life or online is not a hard to understand a concept for this firm I found […]

Why not to trust Trustpilot?

Around 70% of the reviews are fake You can buy fake reviews on Facebook groups or Fiverr or other sites as shown here I am not showing this to discredit this person or others who do this but to show you can get fake reviews so easy and the firm from Danmark will do nothing to remove fake revies […]

Karen woman from South America

I feel in general you are right in your video to me the Western woman’s problems with dating or general problems needs to be sorted out since to me if a man and woman have sex and a kid is born if the man is expected to pay for the kid or kids for like 18 to 21 years then […]

How to get a paid raise SEO work wise?

I contacted one of my past clients or bosses and told them this. I have worked for you for a few months and have helped to increase your sales so you know I am good at doing SEO or marketing work as such I am wondering if you would be willing to give me pay raise of 10% to help […]