Why are tables still used on websites so often still even in modern times well the style of them can allow someone to be able to show data or products very easy for why do many ecommerce companies use Tables in them to draw in customers or make selling easier than simply 1000 word article giving you all about the product.

Running an online business and selling through using Tablepress is good idea all you do is install the Plugin which is a free one which can allow you to make Paypal or Stripe work in when you use coding option in this plugin so you can easy get paid for products using this extension in your WordPress site it can also load fast on Desktop or mobile a like and can allow you to give different colours or styles if you prefer something fancier colour wise or make it look fancy or interesting than the standard tables people normally use for it being white coloured so content or data can be seen easy most people overall for why the use this as the base colour of the tables most of the time .

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