There is a bunch of content available on How to Design a Website? But, most of the content is subjective, meaning is according to what a person likes. One person likes a particular thing in website design, and others do not. But, here is the thing, the content in this article is research-based. Stay with us to know about how to design a website.

Why Is It Important To Have a Trendy Design For Your Website?

Website is the first thing that a customer comes across while he is purchasing anything. A good website design reduces bounce rate, brings in potential customers, and creates a good impact on the company image.

How to Design a Website?

1-Keep Your Homepage Engaging

The homepage of your website is the first thing that a person lands on. Having engaging words and images keeps the reader engaged. So focus on the emotion and not the word count. Keep important content on the top. Include a call to action button on the homepage of the website.

2-Speed of the Website

The speed of the website is another important thing. The fast loading of a website reduces the bounce rate of the website and, in turn, increases the influx of traffic. If your website is too slow to load, then it will affect your ranking in search engines. Moreover, visitors do not want to wait for too long to read your content.

3-Clear Visual Hierarchy

The website should have a clear visual hierarchy. The size and the weight of the words are very important. Those words that have large sizes and weight and those that are highlighted tend to attract the attention of the visitors.

The next thing is the website layout. The website layout should be in a way to attract and guide the visitors in the right direction. For example, the right direction could be a call to action button.

4-Easy to Navigate

Your website should be easy to navigate. Search engines love a website that is easy to

navigate. This helps the search engine index the website and its content more efficiently and more easily. Your website menu should be easily accessible by the readers so that they can see which type of pages you have on your website.

The next thing is your logo. If you do not have the logo, design it and link it with your homepage so that the reader or the customer can easily see it as it is an important part of your brand.

If your website has long scrolling content, such as a one-page website, then you should have an option or button which enables the reader to jump to the section they want to read. This is similar to the table of content in many of the website articles/blog posts.

The last thing is your website footer. Your website footer should have an important link to your website, such as your contact page and your social media account links.

5-Create Readable Content

Your content should be readable. Readability is how easily a person can read your website content. If the readability of website content is high, the reader effortlessly reads your website content.

The first thing is the large font size. Most people have difficulty reading small-sized content. The rule of thumb is to keep your body text at least 16pt. It is not fixed; the size of your letters depends upon the font you are using for your website.

The second thing is to create a contrast between your content and the background. It is important because it increases the readability and accessibility of the content. You can use the contrast checker tool to check how much contrast is in your content and website.

The last thing is the type of font. Sans serif is the most common font used for lengthy online content. Do not use more than three types of font in your content.

6-Limit the Choices

Hick’s law states that the more choices a person has, the longer he or she will take to make a decision. Similarly, if you give too many options on your website, the reader will find it difficult to make a choice. So limit the choices on your website.

7-Keep Your Website Theme Simple

People prefer simple themes because they are easy to understand. The simple theme means the standard layout of the website. The standard layout gives familiarity to the reader. If your design is too complex and not according to the standard, the reader will find it difficult to read what he or she wants to read.

8-Scrolling Vs. Clicking

Why Is It Better To Have a Long Page With Your Content Than To Have Multiple Pages? It is because people like scrolling more than clicking. Crazy Egg proved this in their study. In this study, they designed a simple, short sales page and 20 times long sales page than the original. The result was astonishing. Website conversion increases by 30% in case of long sales pages, which proves the point.

9-Social Proof

As a general rule, if a group of people has a positive opinion about something, most of the people will follow their lead. You can show social proof for your website by social media shares count or positive comments on your content.

10-Using Right List Order

If you have an e-commerce website, you need to list products on your site, but you need to know how to order them. It is an important question. People tend to remember the items in the beginning and the end. They tend to forget what is in the middle. Number your most important product on the top and at the end. It will prove beneficial.

Final Verdict

These ten tips and tricks will surely help you to boost your traffic and increase your sales. Remember, it takes time to build a site, and it even takes more time to rank a site. Keep experimenting with new ideas on your website to find the best outlook for your website.

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