Is President of Russia Putin sick?

Most people being hearing this sort of idea or theory about him for a few years such as he got cancer or mind problem among other problems but I think the cancer problem he has or is meant to have now makes sense. Let’s look at Putin plans or what he did or doing now he started an unjustified war […]

Why most Boomer Chairpersons suck?

Most got the job without having skills or real experience Got the job of parent or relative   Never had to pass an interview often The only person who applied In moderday all younger people than the baby boomer need often following to get a job most of the time Years of experience Degree or more often Very well connected Famous […]

Regarding America latest gun shooting

I was kind of surprised this did not happen more in America since overall I have found media or women or others basically always make out all European or white men are bad or terrible so the average white person in the White gets attacked or basically bullied all the time. Over the years I had known people to leave […]

Karen woman from South America

I feel in general you are right in your video to me the Western woman’s problems with dating or general problems needs to be sorted out since to me if a man and woman have sex and a kid is born if the man is expected to pay for the kid or kids for like 18 to 21 years then […]

What Millennials Stole from the Zoomers according to Ken

For someone who makes out it’s all someone else fault in the case of my group of people you have presented no proof at all so you lose this debate at best sound like an immature child here. The baby boomers have around 80% of the money in the world means they control most of the things next richest group […]

Wokeness introduction

A common business idea that most heard of a few times be this”go woke go broke” to be fair I have seen this happening many times such I believe Billizard losing money over woke ideas since most gamers don’t really care if orc or whatever in the game has both male and female sex parts or if feminist or any […]