Most people being hearing this sort of idea or theory about him for a few years such as he got cancer or mind problem among other problems but I think the cancer problem he has or is meant to have now makes sense.

Let’s look at Putin plans or what he did or doing now he started an unjustified war against the Ukraine which is kind of like Russian dad or mum country-wise since they came way before Russia existed or Rustic people were much of a thing as well .

Putin claims that the Ukraine President is a Nazi when you consider the president of Ukraine is Slavic Jewish man that alone disproves that idea. For me, if we’re going to call anyone Hilter or Nazi that is Putin since he’s trying to kill all the Slavic people or other races in Ukraine to force them to accept the crazy Russian President as ruler forever or until he dies again is the same thing Hilter did so to me Hitler is Putin.

The Russian President said in many cases I can recall I like Stalin or admire him so you could argue Putin is now Stalin 2.0 or if you want it in Buddhist theory then under their idea Putin is just Stalin reborn for why he keeps trying to Ukraine people which is what Stalin did he got like 90% of the population did and the current crazy man is doing the same sort of thing.

The Russian president has admitted he wants the USSR government back means Ukraine, Poland, and all the other ex USSR countries will rejoin them by force again that is what Stalin wants or would do to me.

 I suspect Putin has gone crazy or perhaps always was crazy the reason for why I believe he’s insane look at what he’s doing to both people who live in Russia or Ukraine get hurt or killed or have their lives destroyed this is not what a sane person would ever do so I kind of think the real reason for why war is to time make Putin into Hero in Slavic history or famous to make his worthless life have value to someone after he’s dead.

As someone with a lot of Slavic friends from Russia or Ukraine, I will give their thoughts before I say my own here.

“Putin is Crazy, evil,horrible should be put to death, put to court to explain himself”

My thoughts are Putin is an evil man like a demon who should be put to death for causing suffering to mostly Ukraine and Russian people and he has also created which  I dislike for Western people to dislike or hate Russians meaning the people alive and future generations could get mistreated over one man bad actions meaning in the future or now you may see random people fight or attack all Russians action which should not be done Putin is dictator or communist sort of leader meaning regular Russian people have no rights to disagree with his bad ideas.

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