• Most got the job without having skills or real experience
  • Got the job of parent or relative  
  • Never had to pass an interview often
  • The only person who applied

In moderday all younger people than the baby boomer need often following to get a job most of the time

  • Years of experience
  • Degree or more often
  • Very well connected
  • Famous or have the status

For example in the past boomer asked someone who was aged 21 for 21 Retail experience to work as a sales assistant seems a bit mad?

Well, that’s what most boomer crews expect when they often have none of that experience for any job they got or even close to what they demand of everyone else.

Most boomers have no degree or basically no education compared to moderday person so why do we need it then?

For example, be connected to billionaires, rich people, famous people or successful people that alone is not something all people can get even if they are smart or kind or beautiful but either way why do we need it?

Being famous is overall quite hard for a man unless he’s from a rich family or famous family it’s only easy if you are pretty woman but if you are not doing that then being made famous may never happen you get the whole go viral on Youtube or somewhere else that can happen sure but should we expect everyone to be able to do this to work for someone then?

In a lot of cases, boomers applied for jobs without much competition for example in their time period lets say you wanted to become an accountant you would have like 0 to 100 people applying normally or max like 10,000  compare this to modern time you are competing against like 50,000 to so many millions for any job even as like cleaner or Mcdonald worker again that means things for younger people is not fair or anywhere close which again to me is often by the baby boomer crew have no idea why life is to much harder for anyone under 60 or not retired.

They often no idea how to do anything the chairman, for example, SSE boomer he can’t manage anything and does basically nothing to improve customer care or staff training since as long as he gets paid screw everyone else right?

Well, that’s what this guy thinks either way.

For anyone younger than like aged 60 you need to have the following to get a good job often

  • Very good looking like a supermodel
  • Very famous or rich
  • Only you can do the job
  • The only person who applied
  • Well connected
  • Get lucky

To become a chairperson someone is normally like aged 40 to 50 because it often takes a lot of hard work to become one but for average boomer just apply for the job or get the success from the best generation the soviet generation they did many amazing things such as.


Fixed economic problems

Worked hard

Sorted food shortages

Fixed mistreatment of races around the world

Then the boomer crew wreaked this more and more by their silly idea all the time more less.

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