I was kind of surprised this did not happen more in America since overall I have found media or women or others basically always make out all European or white men are bad or terrible so the average white person in the White gets attacked or basically bullied all the time.

Over the years I had known people to leave America or other Western countries the main reasons being this

Politically correct

 women mostly feminists


Life in general.

I think as well with mostly women attacking all white men to me until women learn to clean up the mess they keep making worse this maybe end up more common or happen again.

Normal males whatever age they are get more less no support for example if a man cries we would get laughed up by all others but if a woman cries she will get told”you are strong enpowered ” and then given like award for being a rockstar more less.

I feel as well single mothers is a key problem for the modern-day man since I feel in general most normal young man often have no man in their life for example, my parents, been married 50 years so I have a close relationship with both my parents mum as well but if I was from single mum family I would probably be more likely to come with issues .

I feel the modern-day life of the white man is like this we all go on a boat together with the women we start off like the captain then keep getting demoted until we are made into like the slaves by the Feminist captain while the smarter of the men work together and take lifeboat then get away from the feminist then setup by ourselves for finding better life to me that is sort of thing most MGTOW do or want just to have a normal or better life than dealing the usual problem of the women overall.

While the men leave the boat sinks since the women can’t do the male work on the boat

I feel for the man from the story the problem was quite likely this he got abused for being white by women and media and people in general so he had no support such as friends or males to guide him so as such he got so angry he thought the gun was the right idea in regards to how bad he felt in general and wants to give I guess sort of punishment back to all who mistreated him.

I do feel it would be good if single mothers could get in trouble for raising kids without a father since to me it’s often their fault for why the boy or girl has no man in their life since they control who has sex with them overall so it’s there choice to have a kid or not in all cases.

I feel in general all males or boys really need to get given useful things to do with their time, for example, I found karate a great thing I learned as a kid or I did a bit of kickboxing or other sports it took out anything thing which annoyed me in a safe place instead of me going mad then grab knife or gun then ending someone .

I feel in general the problems from this man were caused by bullys his mum and no male role models.

I think in general since around the 2000 time period mostly feminists and media have targeted all white men as the baddies all the time this how now led to a lot of Western men being treated as like slaves or the lowest form of life.

You also have the girl power or single mothers doing this to most of the boys or men now often in the West”I hate you are a boy you will rape women or be bad guy” now let’s look at that which seems to me very true over the Western world lets say we all get told everyday of the week more less and get attacked for bully over our skin colour that will lead to the following being very little to happen

  1. Commit suicide
  2. develop hate towards the world
  3. End up just killing someone as this man did .

The younger boy or man in the West is often never being taught or shown how to be the man this includes anything from getting a job to being able to cook or handle bullys or anything else having a single mother often who seems normally not able to look after herself right to me is not the right person to teach the boy or man how to be a man and feminists to me have created the idea that toxic masculinity is every man when in reality it does not exist to me Toxic woman is just feminists overall which to me is a real toxic way for someone to be.

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