My own SEO site ranks for over 500 keywords so I suspect my guest post I give OP would have made him some money .

I also recommend this guy to at least 20 other people on Facebook groups or to people on Telegram so I guess I am pretty sure I made Juan more than $100 by a large amount.

To agree with Gopal yes I am a private person.

For example I am often the mastermind or main person behind many businesses or things you may like for example Ukraine vs Russia stuff I am if you like an investor or like the third commander of the IT army for Ukraine.

I also plan with my crypto if it goes well 50% of the profit from it will go to India or Pakistan later on.

To the good day mate with the crypto you failed once for Unityfund as the SEO manager I guess you could call yourself now you will be up against SEO master and programmer master who has an impressive amount of people ready to support there Tsar so if you try to outrank are sites no mercy will be shown to any who get in my way to see poverty ended in India or Pakistan

I was also on this site to take nothing serious yes I did help a few people true for why I received a few thank you a message on Discord or other places but that’s not too important.

I do like Indians or Pakistani or Nepal or any people or races related to Panjabi or any other race in this country.
Such as in the past around 10 years ago I was SEO for a firm they said something cheeky to an Indian guy so I told them something pretty cheeky and told them to keep the $2000 they offered me the guy seemed confused but I stand by my thoughts to refuse the money to anyone who mistreats any Indians.

For example, I teach a Tamil Indian guy for free SEO at the moment SEO or programming or website designing

I want to become a billionaire that is my goal then work on helping to end poverty in India or Pakistan and end the mistreatment of ferrets.

I will maybe with someone else run a talk show host and I am also going to do start a programmer podcast with SEO as well probably next month if I get time.

I am quite a famous rockstar in the following countries or areas West Europe,East Europe,Philippines,India,Pakistan,America,Canada for example I am just preparing at the moment to release my next Slavic song in Ukraine .

I also planned whenever Stalin 2 dead or dealt with I will fly out to Ukraine from Serbia then release my Ukraine or Russian songs live and then give whatever money I get from the festival to Slavic people from Ukraine.

I also have a small Youtube channel which the goal of that is to raise money for ferrets all around and then give the money from the channel to sick or mistreated ferrets all around the world.

I also got ferrets so far 4 birthday presents to 5 to 6 more to come so far such as donkey milk and 1900 Antique unit for my ferrets to sleep on it’s like coffee table with a fancy seat on it I suspect like 10 ferrets easy fit on the seat comfy wise or more if they got on top of the other ferrets

I am also designing a big house to turn the bedroom I am working into the bedroom for the ferrets.

That is my telegram if you want to chat further as bpolecat

I also have a pretty big following in India or Pakistan or all of Eastern Europe for being a SEO or programmer as well such I was going to fly to Ukraine Kyiv before the war started which I got offered a lot of money to represent a few Slavic companies as a programmer

Juan if you want to keep in contact then just add me on Telegram I talk about ferrets or Indian food or stuff all the time that’s why most people know me by the nicknames “Tikka SEO master or Polecat SEO master” since I join groups talking about food or ferrets such as I asked people to send me Tikka instead of money all the time online .

If you want you can Juan me on my Ukraine or India trip when me and some others go I believe there is between like 20 to 100 of use going together to Ukraine and India for SEO or business trip as well?

That’s enough boring stuff about myself bye

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