Around 70% of the reviews are fake

You can buy fake reviews on Facebook groups or Fiverr or other sites as shown here

I am not showing this to discredit this person or others who do this but to show you can get fake reviews so easy and the firm from Danmark will do nothing to remove fake revies in most cases

They also get paid or brides by firms like Southern Energy or worldwesumbit or many other bigger firms to pay to get bad reviews removed of them often so it’s not fair or right at all here.

Customer care is terrible you would better off with trained monkey at least he or she could tell the truth which is major flaw with this company hating the truth so bad which is kind of funny for a firm called Trust pilot when they break their own name condition everyday of the week all the time 

 I have heard from Slavic friends around 50% of all reviews on this site are fake for why so many fraud companies which the Danes support loud and proud all the time for why they allow them to use fake reviews from India or Pakistani or the Philippines or other places all the time I have found on many occasions if you report them they just keep their head in the sand for why I would not trust this firm about anything if your business gets a bad review on this site don’t worry about it to much since most of the reviews are often fake here in like 95% of the cases

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