I feel in general you are right in your video to me the Western woman’s problems with dating or general problems needs to be sorted out since to me if a man and woman have sex and a kid is born if the man is expected to pay for the kid or kids for like 18 to 21 years then do me the man should have the right to decide to keep the kid or not if the man does not want to keep the kid then the woman has to pay for kids by herself.

I also think in a general woman should only get money if the man has been married to her for at least 5 years if a kid happens if not the woman gets nothing. https://www.webverden.com/2022/05/09/refmy-college-girlfriend-broke-up-with-me-because-of-my-racenow-that-im-a-doctor-she-wants-me-back/

I also feel it should become law as well that whenever a woman gives birth the DNA is checked to prove the man is the father if it’s not then the woman gets fined like $50,000 and goes on her crime file of her being a fraudster so everyone knows what she did.

I feel in general the biggest problem with the Modern woman they never take responsibility for the problems or crimes they commit all the time.

It would be good or useful if the modern day woman could actually learn a skill or something of use to life.

I am going to share two good examples of the Modernday woman in action.

I got asked by a man who’s a single dad to teach Colombian some SEO so I did it for like an hour videocall anyway this woman told me some really screwed up things she did to her so-called boyfriend she was at the time of the relationship started aged 28 and the boyfriend be 15 to me that under I believe American law means if they had sex then to me the woman raped the boy or she groomed him. The boy now I guess young man at like aged 17 to 18 probably. She told me she got pregnant with him at her being I think her 30 to 31 so is trying to force him to keep the kid when the man just wants to live his life in peace anyway the parent or family of the man I am glad are trying to protect the man from the woman which is great.

I can see why the boy or man did it since the woman is in her own right pretty and does more look like a woman aged 18 to 20 so she may have lied about her age to the boy at the time.

I feel in that case it’s good the boy’s family has protected him from the modern day woman and the boy seems to come from a very good quality Mexican American family .

I feel in general I don’t really think it’s right or should be allowed for 29 year old woman to have sex with teenager or force him to get her pregnant.

I did do bit of research into this story since it sounded to crazy to be true but I did see prove the woman did have a kid and also the boy is real as well and his parents get to take the woman to court and the man and family won against the woman which is good too.

I knew about an English guy who got involved with the wrong woman anyway she was pregnant he was expected to pay her like £2000 per month for child support which to me was a lot of money especially for a guy who was only making like at the time £22,000 per year as such he was forced to keep working more and more hours or took on 2 extra jobs to just pay this woman off after like 5 years of it he basically almost homeless money wise he just made the decision to fly to Thailand and live there without paying anymore Child expenses he’s now like multi-millionaire only thing stopping him doing that in the UK is a greedy woman.

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