What are the main problems with this group?

Run Scams often Overcharge often Keep most of the domains in the world Provide terrible support such as they can’t speak the native language of English,Russian or any other languages since they employ the cheapest workers in the world Support sucks so much The terrible way the website runs it’s like a really crap 1990 style of website for how it looks to me When you try and buy a domain for example one called say doghfjgman.com if you don’t buy it today Godaddy will then register it then force you to pay more money for it instead of like$10 you will now be forced or they will try and forced you to pay like $100 which to me is a scam loud and clear Overcharge is something they most of the time so you will be forced to ask for discounts which kind of depends on each person for getting one or not when they should just charge fair price like all other name registered instead of trying to trick people to pay more money for domains or hosting. Godaddy owns the largest amount of domains in the world which means they should be a decent firm instead of conmen at best. Most of the staff in Godaddy have worse language skills than average high school kid since they employ mostly people living in third world countries who can’t speak your language or mine well or right so things get messy with them struggle so hard to understand basic grammar or words all the time if you ask them to transfer you no sense just keep being silly or bad at the task at hand. When you show they made a mistake or you need help they just stick their heads in the cloud with no support being given right most of the time so you can’t really rely on them for anything online business-wise since the service of the website is so bad it’s not even funny. The image here looks straight out of the 1990 for so called hosting or domain register the website should look modern or at least semi-modern and work well instead of working like drunk goldfish with no idea of anything website wise overall. Trying to change the hosting here is overall kind of complex compare to like internetbs or porkbun who both do it way easier and both give great support unlike this group or tosspots

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