A Neckbeard man in Asia means this in Asia it’s a fairly common thing where many men in Asia never if you like date or hangout with women that much in high school often for example in India or Pakistan boys and girls normally go to schools with purely there own sex meaning for many of them they never meet the other sex expect there mum or dad while they are kids for why many of them are very inexperienced with dating this is also why in many parts of Asia arranged marriages are still common in like India or Pakistan or China has them as well some of the time. https://fooos.com/

For that reason sometimes Asians men often unfairly get a bad reputation regarding women for where the neckbeard idea comes from India.

Another things worth knowing is if some of you never dated a Asian woman lets say you are white or European looking for most Asian that means you are top man or the best since many Asian women are serious obsessed with dating or marrying white men to get white or mixed race kids.

If this woman is Asian which I kind of suspect she maybe then I know why he got mistreated by the family a lot Asian races serious hate the others for example Chinese hate Indians,Pakistani,Filipinos,Japanese or all the other Asian races normally. Karen

For example, I was in Glasgow before walking around I saw 10 Chinese men shout racist abuse at the Indian man so I told the Chinese to fuck off then the Chinese men run away which I found funny.

My oldest brother married a woman who is a Chinese billionaire that may seem weird or unlikely but in China most rich women serious want a European husband by example let’s say you go to China this week you will find very quickly often that Chinese women will basically hunt you down as boyfriend

To the guy in this story if you are Asian you should know or think Education is king not fucking a woman or changing education to date low quality woman pick the best university or college always if a woman tells you “no” then dump her the most important person in your life is you no one else.

Never date that ex woman again if you want someone to care for you get a dog or cat or ferret all these animals are much better or kind of decent than 95% of the modern-day woman for example my ferrets when they try and steal things or find food offer to share food with me such as my polecat for some reason opened a pack of chocolate biscuits then wanting to share with me I doubt the modern woman would be so kind to me all the time.

You are right you being a doctor or rich will make any woman want you for example when a few of my friends became Doctors they went from no woman wanting them to every woman in the city basically lining up to get them as boyfriends or wanting sex of them

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