Could this be the world worst company at management?

When I emailed this firm 1 month ago never got any reply back showing like SSE has bad management if the king of this firm it seems to be run by baby boomers or ken for their proper name known as the world’s dumbest generation in the history of humanity for this group keep wreaking the world all the time or expecting everyone else to clean up there mess all the time such as them here not being able to pay people when they have lots of money who can understand basic English or at least as good as High school kid which none of them are.

Why do they employ people dumber than high school kids at the language I would guess to save money or because boomers only care about themselves and get money for doing nothing of value for why I feel as people we should get boomers like them to work hard like all the other people in the Earth history instead of just being the spoonhead of the world which they keep proving for example the CCP again from the same team boomers again but Chinese boomers but like this crew again it’s not my fault because I am to lazy to read a book but everyone else needs to clean up my mess since I am stupid and I have no intelligence or common sense but I just complain about the mess I made.

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