Why was Virtual currency invented or setup?

To allow the average joe to build income or success instead of being forced to complete in a world is often unfair for the regular person over banks controlling most of the money in the world often.

The most famous one would be Bitcoin since it’s used by people all around the world more less since it’s a stable coin which means a coin that people believe will still exist or be worth something in the future if you buy these types it will often make you money if you sell at the right time overall but sometimes you can lose money if you can make the calls through the right time overall.

A shitcoin means something whose value is low or not high but in the future if the right marketing and other factors increase it’s value then you could buy it for example today for the value of like £0.0001 then when it’s value go up to like £100 per coin then you could become a millionaire if you own enough and sell it when it’s value go high enough for why this can make a poorer person to become rich or millionaire in some cases.

Many scams exist which is a real problem in this area for we decided to setup our own crypto or coin called Polecat to allow or help stop men and women from getting scammed by us working hard to boost your coin if you hold on long enough or even tell friends about it could help it grow and help you grow as well money-wise later on if you do the right things for buying enough coins when it’s low then sell when it’s value goes up your idea amount or when you need money for some reason 


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