Why is Frank a good or useful theme for a WordPress site?

  • Loads very fast
  • Simple to work
  • No pointless codes or CSS to make smaller or remove here.

Many people with sites on WordPress claim it becomes slow and themes being made wrong is big reason for this problem so the idea behind Frank was to fix this problem by having something which loads fast all the time weather your site is new or old a like it will load faster thanks to this theme often.

It may look basic to you if you look at it from a design viewpoint but that’s no problem since you can make it look better using plugins or if you can understand HTML or CSS you can do it yourself very easy or simply pay someone to do the work for you.

IT can be used for many sites such as blogging,furniture or e-commerce or any other style of website overall so don’t feel it’s only for standard blogging site it also has bit of pbn site style as well for why some people may if you do it wrong it’s pbn by the basic blogger style to the site build into this overall but it’s still very fast loading overall.


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